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Bars and Lines

Jacques VERNIN d'AIGREPONT m. Catherine Le BRETON Note: Dossier Collection: Owner of the d'Aigrepont Chateau, he made great repairs and notably built a new chapel, which he had blessed on April 26, 1753.

French document submitted by Michel Pezet, France. 11/28/2002
Document list weddings, births, baptisms, and deaths at the Chateau d'Aigrepont.

Michel sends me (Eve) an e-mail 3/5/2003 and says he has taken photos of the Chateau.


The D'AIGREPONT Chateau pictures were taken by Michel Pezet (photographer) by permission of the "de Contenson" family (current owners). Michel and I have been corresponding for nearly a year. The location of the D'AIGREPONT Chateau is: Aigrepont 7 kms south of Moulins city and belonging to Bressolle commune. All the pictures on this page were taken by Michel Pezet unless it says otherwise.

Map Showing location of the D'AIGREPONT Chateau.

Old photo (submitted my Amela de Contenson).

View from the park, nice place isn't it?

1665 date on one of the doorways.

Servants lodging. On the right: main entrance: on the left the stables.

Private chapel.

Main entrance.

One of the barns, in the back Michel's car.

Front part of the main building.

Side of the front part.

Rear part of the main building facing to the park.

Modern metal sculptures, nice but nothing to do with 17th. century.


The whole front part of the main building.

Junk place.

Rear of the main building, grapes on the wall.

View from the park, the pond belongs to the property.

From Aigrepont we can see the city of Moulins.

The whole door with the engraved date.

The pond.

Monseigneur de Telin or Quelin (more info later).

oeil de boeuf (that's the name in french = cow eye!)

Amela's wedding picture (submitted my Amela de Contenson).
Amela is my France cousin. Beautiful wedding picture!

Special Note: Photos on this page are copyright to Michel Pezet, France. Amela's pictures are copyright to the "de Contenson" family, France.

Note from Eve: No one has permission to take anything from my website without my permission. I have spent nearly 10 years doing research and compiling information on my VERNIN D'AIGREPONT Family Tree.


List is me (Eve), my dad, my grandfather and great grandfathers:

Michel VERNIN (1595-1661) - Procureur du Roi a Moulins (My 8th great grandfather)

Charles VERNIN D'ORIGNY (1622-1687) - Avocat en Parelment, Sr. d'Origny (My 7th great grandfather)

Jacques VERNIN (1654-1725) - Conseiller du roy, assesseur civil et lieutenant (My 6th great grandfather)

Jacques VERNIN D'AIGREPONT (1691-1754) - Seigneur d'Aigrepont, fut installe president tresorier de France (My 5th great grandfather)

Pierre VERNIN D'AIGREPONT (1732- ) - President tresorier de France a Moulins - 1793 signed the list of inhabitants of Moulins during the Revolution. (My 4th great grandfather) Signature of Pierre VERNIN D'AIGREPONT

Jean Jacques VERNIN DEPONT DAIGREPONT (1765-1820) Escaped the Revolution and settled in Louisiana. (My 3rd great grandfather) Signature of Jean Jacques and Baptism/Birth records

Pierre DAIGREPONT (1819-1875) (My great great grandfather) The whole USA Daigrepont line branched out from his 11 children

Elise DAIGREPONT (1856- ) still living in 1913 (My great grandfather) Documents

Elize DAIGREPONT (1879-1938) (My grandfather) Documents

Michel DAIGREPONT (1915-1955) (My dad) Signature Documents

Evelyn DAIGREPONT (1950- ) - (me!) (I have 2 sons, Adam and Aaron and 3 grandchildren, Chelsey Marie, Dylan Stephen, Kaylah Jean)


Bars and Lines

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