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Bars and Lines

Sieur Jean Jacques Vernin Depont Daigrepont

(Vernin d'Aigrepont)

Notes 1:

Name: Jean Jacques Vernin Depont Daigrepont (father: Pierre VERNIN DAIGREPONT mother: Jeanne GIRAUDON

Married: Eugenie Vitrac, July 15, 1815 (married a doctor's daughter)

Eugenie Vitrac parents were: Jacques Paul Vitrac and Marie Clemence Lacour

Eugenie Vitrac was born: March 9, 1791

Sieur Jean Jacques Vernin Depont Daigrepont died before the 1820 census

Eugenie Vitrac and Jean Jacques Vernin Depont Daigrepont had only one child: Pierre Daigrepont born 1819. (His only son was named after Jean Jacques father, Pierre VERNIN DAIGREPONT)

Bars and Lines

The following letter and documents were sent to me by mail from the Cercle Genealogique et Heraldique du Bourbonnais in MOULINS, France 1/21/2003.

This information can not be published or sold without permission from France. Personal mail is property of Evelyn Daigrepont Bierniat.

Notes 2: My France Royal Generations

According to the Genealogical Collection of the Old Middle-class (A. Delavenne, ED SGAF, 1954), this "Old Bourbonnaise Family (...) deserved several occasions a place in history of her province and the town of Moulins". Family professions and titles: Prosecutor of the King, Advisers of the King, Treasurers of the King, Lieutenants particular, Appointed Third in the States General and the Constituent French National Assembly, Assessors Civil and Criminal, Inspectors of National Forestry Commission, Chevalier of Legion of Honours... Knights. And that is why you see the King's crown and the Knight's armour on the Blason.

The Blason of VERNIN


Michel VERNIN (1595-1661) - Procureur du Roi a Moulins

Charles VERNIN D'ORIGNY (1622-1687) - Avocat en Parelment , Sr. d'Origny

Jacques VERNIN (1654-1725) - Conseiller du roy, assesseur civil et lieutenant

Jacques VERNIN D'AIGREPONT (1691-1754) - Seigneur d'Aigrepont, fut installe president tresorier de France

Pierre VERNIN D'AIGREPONT (1732- ) - President tresorier de France a Moulins - 1793 signed the list of inhabitants of Moulins during the Revolution. Signature of Pierre VERNIN D'AIGREPONT

Jean Jacques VERNIN DEPONT DAIGREPONT (1765-1820) Escaped the Revolution and settled in Louisiana. Signature of Jean Jacques

Pierre DAIGREPONT (1819-1875) The whole USA Daigrepont line branched out from his 11 children

Elise DAIGREPONT (1856- ) still living in 1913 Documents

Elize DAIGREPONT (1879-1938) Neighbor who knew him called him "eccentric". Documents

Michel DAIGREPONT (1915-1955) Signature Documents

Evelyn DAIGREPONT (1950- ) - (me!) (I have 2 sons, Adam and Aaron and 3 grandchildren, Chelsey Marie, Dylan Stephen, Kaylah Jean)


Below is a letter and documents I received showing the baptism documentation that France has on Jean-Jacques VERNIN DAIGREPONT born 4/13/1765. He is the FIRST Daigrepont in the USA!

The CGHB Letter
genealogique letter

Yzeure paroisse de Saint bonnet - Acte de naissance

Le 13/4/1765 est venu au monde et le même jor a été baptisé Jean Jacques ,fils légitime de Messire Pierre VERNIN seigneur d'Aigrepont écuyer conseiller du roi président trésorier de France des finances de la généralité de Moulins et de dame Jeanne GIRAUDON ses pères et mère , son parrain a été Jean Jacques VERNIN d'Origny officier d'infanterie et sa marraine damoiselle Marie Geneviève VERNIN d'Aigepont qui ont signé avec nous et le père .

Yzeure St Bonnet parish - birth certificate

On the 13/4/1765 (13th of April) is born et baptized same day, Jean Jacques, legitimate son of messire (sir) Pierre VERNIN, lord d'Aigrepont, squire King councellor, Treasurer president of France finance, belonging to généralité (finance district) of Moulins (the city of Moulins) and lady GIRAUDON : father and mother and his godfather Jean Jacques VERNIN d'Origny, army officer and godmother mistress Marie Geneviève VERNIN d'Aigrepont. They signed with us and his father.

Viscount d'Origny drawing, which part of my family history.

Jean Jacques Daigrepont - b. 4/13/1765
Jean Jacques baptism

Jean Jacques Daigrepont - b. 4/13/1765
Jean Jacques baptism

Bars and Lines

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