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Bars and Lines

Jacques VERNIN d'AIGREPONT m. Catherine Le BRETON Note: Dossier Collection: Owner of the d'Aigrepont Chateau, he made great repairs and notably built a new chapel, which he had blessed on April 26, 1753.

French document submitted by Michel Pezet, France. 11/28/2002 Document list weddings, births, baptisms, and deaths at the Chateau d'Aigrepont.

Michel sends me (Eve) an e-mail 7/20/2002 and says:


For your information the name of chateau is no more Aigrepont but, "chateau de chateau neuf " the same as the tower (tour de Chateau neuf), and of course this castle in no more from the 13° century but obviously from the 19° and it belongs now to Mr Barsse, who is living in Montluçon, city 50 kms ouest of the place.

This name and spelling were given by Chatel de Neuvre city hall secretary. Aigrepont (Chateau de chateau neuf), belongs to Chatel de Neuvre commune, Allier, France The tower belongs to vicount de Chasseval who lives in monetay commune.
Yours Faithfully


Chateau ,former Aigrepont, now chateau du Moulins neuf et tour médiévale du Moulins Neuf
Michel Pezet

tour Moulins neuf

Tour Moulins neuf

tour Moulins neuf

tour Moulins neuf

vue depuis chateau

Chateau Moulins neuf

chateau Moulins neuf

Chateau Moulins Neuf

Chateau Moulins Neuf

vue sur vallée depuis chateau

vue depuis chateau

chateau Moulins neuf


water fall in parc

water fall

Map of the area


The today castle has been built in XIX th. century,
just the tower was built in XV th. century


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