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Everyone uses significant events as markers to reference their lives by. A reference marker is a significant event like after we graduated from college, before our wedding day, after our first child was born. Now the only markers in my life are before the accident or after the accident, before my child and husband died or after my child and husband died. There is a time of limbo where time itself has no meaning. Your life becomes a continuation of an unthinkable circumstance, an unacceptable situation, and an irrepressible desire to turn back the hands of time to keep what you had a mere second ago.

This book is about a remarkable little girl who is in heaven with the angels. Her spiritual presence touches my life as well as the lives of others every day. For all the gifts both she and my husband gave to me, this is in a small way for me to give back. To help someone else who is going through loss. Give an uplifted moment, or a needed boost of strength. This world has been all the better for them having been here, and my life all the more richer.

Find one person who walked the path before you, and you find hope. Find one sliver of light, like a beacon in the dark, and you find the possibility of survival. My hope is her story brings joy and hope, comfort and thoughtful reflection. Rebecca Bamford


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  • Paperback: 326 pages (over 90 pages illustrations and photos)
  • Title: Pennies From Heaven (true story)
  • Publisher: Publishing (January 1, 2010) currently through CAFEPRESS.COM
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Death and Grief
  • ISBN-10: xxxxx (pending)
  • ISBN-13: xxx-xxxxx (pending)
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 0.78 inches
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Rebecca says, "On July 5, 1999, my life changed forever. Both my nine year old daughter and my husband were killed in a car accident. I arrived at the police station with my mother. I passed by the glass window and saw in my eyes a reflection of fear so great I did not recognize myself.

One death was unbearable, but two were imcomprehensible. My story is about surviving the unthinkable, celebrating a little girl's life, and learning how to live again."

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48 Chapters w/Preface: Preface, The Last Day on Earth, The Funeral, Choosing Headstones, Pennies from Heaven, Morning Glories, Hugs and Kisses, The Butterfly Story, Samantha’s Friendship, Pearls of Wisdom, Dark Haired Angels, Full Moon & Butterfly, Only Two Choices, Powerful Affirmations, Samantha’s Two Dads, Letter to Lou, Email from Eve, This is a Sign, The Baby Shower, Gift from My Daughter, My Birthday Pennies, Her Tenth Birthday, Our Wedding Song, The Memorial Garden, One Year Later, Roadside Memorial, The Police Report, The Green Headband, Blue Roses in Heaven, Samantha’s Heart, Angel Whispers, Lou’s Birthday, I Found a Letter, The Skunk Story, In Memoriam, Kaitlyn Remembers, Love Conquers Death, Remarriage, Dreams Come True, Mothers & Daughters, In Our Dreams, Ladybug Ladybug, Ten Years Later, Coping With Special Days, What I Believe, Letting Things Go, Everything Changes, Love Hope Faith