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Q: How do you do your art?

A: Albert Einstein said "There is nothing more beautiful in life than the mysterious." Painting on-screen is like painting on canvas, only the tools have changed... and there is no end to the possibilities. The digital medium allows me to give you a glimpse of the mysteries, that I see. Historically, dreams and visions are associated with spiritual or supernatural insight. God has frequently made use of dreams and visions in communicating to us. Angel Art by Eve collection is 'art that speaks to the heart' and is 'living art'.

Q: Is your art work available for licensing?

A: Angel Art by Eve artwork is available for licensing in all markets, including publishers and manufacturers.

Q: Are you available for private and commercial assignment work?

A: Yes, you are welcome to ask! I work in digital media... Work examples can be seen in the gallery.

Contact me by e-mail eve.bierniat@gmail.com.

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